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The neighborhood is organized along a central, green axis free of vehicular traffic.
There is a promenade for walkers and a 2-way bicycle path.
On one side is an adjoining sports center and on the second side, a stadium, with the commercial center between them.
A ring road for cars surrounds the neighborhood, from which one enters plazas with 12 residences, each in a cul de sac, for a total of 4,000 housing units.
The building will take place in two stages.
The first will be wet building:
Infrastructure, foundations and a barrier wall as the first storey in entire areas.
The second stage will add an additional prefabricated storey from wood in quick, dry construction before being populated.
Every housing unit will have a 360 square meter plot and will be surrounded by a constructed wall.
The ground floor will be 60 square meters.
The upper floor will have 50 square meters with an optional addition of 40 square meters, giving a total of 150 square meters.
Living in nature – a philosophy appropriate to a society with a high quality of life.