furniture Design

Between 1960-1970

Location: Sweden
First prize competition Designed for Rio Stolen
Multi-purpose stacking chair”Tamar” made of plywood
“Rimon” made of fiberglass
Both can be upholstered
8 types of legs that can be used with the 2 seats for different purposes. A patented accessory to quickly connect and disconnect the legs from the chair

Between 1966-1970
Location: Italy, Israel
For home and office use.
Was used for many years on the set of the television program “Lives like these”
Unified seat and back, upholstered in leather, on a base of three massive wooden legs

Between 1980-1990
Location: Germany, USA
Designed for:Knoll, GermanyBryton International, USA
A furniture system with spring construction and leather upholstery
A table
A high-backed chair
A low-backed chair
A chaise longue

Stacking chair made out of fiberglass

Development and Design of Folding seats models 1,2&3 
The parallel vertical folding of the back and seat has increased the space by 10 cm for the public’s convenience, making room for an extra row of seats.
A pneumatic mechanism allows totally quiet folding of the chair.
Development and Design of Permanent seats models 4&5

Modular Office Furniture Systems
All three models including:
Executive office desks
Office desks with box files and drawers
Filling cabinets
Conference tables

Between 1980-1990 Location: Israel
Multi-functional games table in minimal packaging for export
Mounted with only 4 screws 
Including:Chess, checkers, backgammon and card game
A device for holding a glass
An ashtray

Between 1980-1990
Location: Italy
Designed for B&B

Between 1990-2000
Location Israel
Designed for “Keter Plastic”
A chaise longue with changeable angles produced by injection
A stacking 3 legged stool of polypropylene produced in two different heights

Between 1985-1986
Location: Beit Halohem, Afeka, Israel
Bench made of fiberglass

Between 1970-1980
Location: various cities in Israel
Designed for “Amhad” society
Modular playground